The Friends of Calvert Library is an all volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are advocates for the Calvert Library and dedicated to supporting our community public library system. We contribute to the library by offering support for equipment or programs not normally provided by public funding. We provide financial support through membership fees, donations, book sales and special events and support the library in other ways such as volunteering to help in the day-to-day operations as well as at special library events.

The following was made possible by memberships and donations to Friends:

  • Fund supplies for the Tweens “Edible Race Car” event
  • Fund 8 library wall clocks
  • Provide additional $10 prizes for the Book Bingo event
  • Provide $2,000 in funding for training and leadership conferences for the library staff
  • Donate Friends of Calvert Library baskets at the Pub Quiz events
  • Fund $190 for an announcement board for Southern Branch
  • Contribute to an employee retirement party
  • Give away free books at book sales for elementary school and Head Start children
  • Co-sponsor with the Library Board of Trustees the Staff Recognition breakfast
  • Provide $3,000.00 for staff attendance to the Association of Small Rural Libraries Conference in Tacoma, Washington
  • Fund $4000 for the purchase of a new DVD storage and display system for Twin Beaches Branch
  • Fund $600 for the purchase of a bench for the bus stop adjacent to the Southern branch building
  • Fund $400 for the purchase of a bike rack for the Southern branch
  • Fund $50 for the purchase of an “Hours of Operation” sign for Southern branch
  • Fund $280 for the purchase of a display wall for Southern branch
  • Pay $1500 in dues to MAPLA on behalf of the library
  • Provide $85 in funds for the food for the Southern Branch’s Book Buffet
  • Provide funds for two $25 gift cards for the One Maryland-One Book program
  • Provide $500 to fund the cost of the lanyards for the Maryland Library Conference
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